Personality in Creating Organizational Culture: The Case of Steve Jobs-Apple

  • Dilek ÇUHADAR
  • Güven ORDUN
Keywords: Founder – Entrepreneurial Personality, Steve Jobs, Apple, The Five-Factor Model of Personality, Organizational Culture Profile Assessment


The primary purpose of the research is to answer the relationship between the personality traits of the founder and the corporate culture in high performance companies through the Steve Jobs-Apple example. The findings obtained through the qualitative research method overlap with the search results of previous studies, and it is seen that the founding personality traits and values are the basic building blocks of the organizational culture. The second purpose of the study is to measure the entrepreneurial personality of "The Five-Factor Model of Personality (FFM)", and to identify the gaps of the literature in the context of the evaluation of the organizational culture of the "Organizational Culture Profile Assessment (OCP)". Research findings indicate that FFM is insufficient to measure entrepreneurial personality. When Job’s personality traits are taken independently from FFM, they overlap with all of the OCP dimensions. FFM, which is used frequently to measure the entrepreneurial personality traits used in the international area is not taken into consideration in Turkey in this context. Therefore, it is thought that there needs to develop a new scale in FFM to evaluate the entrepreneurial personality traits which matches with more specific entrepreneurial behaviors including individual differences so that FFM can be taken into consideration more in Turkey. The research is important in terms of opening a new debate about the redefinition of entrepreneurial characteristics as a resource for new researches to be conducted, and new scales to be developed in this context. It can be said that, strong organizational culture is a reflection of the strong personality traits of the founder and it has a positive effect on the sustainability of the organization as it is seen in the Jobs -Apple example. The research results, shows that new researches are needed about the effects of the sustainability of the organizational culture which is created by the founder in the family companies in Turkey.


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