Developing a Positive Leadership Scale in the Service Sector

  • Nisa EKŞİLİ
  • Ali Murat ALPARSLAN
Keywords: Leadership, Positive Leadership, Emotional Well-being, Scale Development, Service Sector


The aim of the study is to reveal the positive leadership model in the service sector (tourism) context and to develop the positive leadership scale (PLS). For this reason, exploratory sequential mixed method design was adopted in the study and three different studies were conducted consecutively. In the first study, a structured interview was conducted with 50 personnel in order to determine the positive leadership behaviors that affect the emotional well-being of hospitality employees. A questionnaire was applied to 326 participants, consisting of hospitality staff, with the pool of questions created after the analysis of the interview data and the literature review. As a result of this pilot study, the PLS structure consisting of six dimensions and 32 items was developed. In the last study, it was aimed to determine the relationships between positive leadership and emotional well-being in the workplace and beyond-role behavior in order to test construct validity and ensure criterion validity. The analysis of the third study, which was applied to employees of five-star hotel businesses operating in Antalya, was carried out with the data of 390 participants. As a result of the analysis, six dimensions of positive leadership; 30-item PLS that measures managerial competency, feedback, individual interest, empowerment, justice and humanitarian behavior has been reached.

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